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“I think what I like, what I'm drawn to, the intense, fascinating glamour of the world, is its totality. Light and dark. Life and Death. Pain and pleasure....” —Bradley Rose, 11/22/95

Between 1986 and 1990, Bradley Rose published five chapbooks devoted to topics in art, history, spirituality, and consciousness from a radical faerie point of view, which he called his Radical Fairy’s Seedbeds.

Two were written by himself and the others by Harry Hay, John Burnside, and Will Roscoe. Brad edited, designed, and published the books himself, paying the cost out of his pocket. They have been long out of print and sought after by many.

As a testimony to Brad, who died of AIDS in 1996, his friends published a limited edition reprint of the complete series of chapbooks, along with a sixth and final seedbed edited from Bradley’s journals by Will Roscoe. All proceeds from the sale of the book benefitted Nomenus, a nonprofit religious group that Bradley helped start, which operated a retreat center for Radical Fairies and their friends in Oregon.

Copies available at:

Bound Together Books
1369 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

Apollo Belvedere

Of Intermediate Concern by Bradley Rose

Winckelmann: The Gay Pattern by Bradley Rose

Politics and Visions: The Story of Gay Liberation by Will Roscoe

A Blessing from Wovoka by Harry Hay and Will Roscoe

“Who Are the Gay People?” And Other Essays by John Burnside

In Memory of Bradley Rose edited by Will Roscoe

The Belvedere Apollo, Winckelmann's ideal of beauty