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Please feel free to include my website on your links page (but please don't "mirror" or otherwise present my material on your site without permission). If you have a site you'd like me to include here send an email to!

Tools for Change  Applied Meditation/Margo Adair

Q-Spirit  San Francisco-based Q-Spirit organization

BAAITS  Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits organization

GLBT Historical Society  San Francisco's Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Historical Society

Gallae and Amazons  Resources on ancient and worldwide gender diversity

Nomenus  West Coast radical faerie organization and Wolf Creek sanctuary

Androphile Gay History Project  Gay love over the centuries and around the world

White Crane Journal   Website for gay spirituality journal

Erospirit  Website of Erospirit and Joseph Kramer

LGBT Religious Archives Network  Preserving history and encouraging scholarly study of lgbt religious movements around the world

Lambda Archives of San Diego  History of lgbt people in the San Diego and Northern Baja California region  On-line encyclopedia of glbtq culture

Gay History and Literature  Articles and resources for glbt history by Rictor Norton

Lesbian Herstory Archives  World's largest collection of materials by and about lesbians and their communities

Northern Lights  History novel by James M. Green exploring the same-sex relations of a Metis (Ojibwe-French) character at the time of the French and Indian War.

Same-Sex Marriage Legalization History  Background on the history of the struggle for marriage equality.