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BUTTE, 1972

Tracing Frank Little’s Footsteps


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Conn Lowney worked at a barber shop at the foot of Anaconda Road and heard rumors that a lynching party was being organized. But when he stopped Little on the street the night before the lynching, the Wobbly organizer laughed off his warning.


Butte mine

The disaster at the Granite Mountain and Speculator mines on June 8, 1917 killed 168 miners and triggered walk-outs throughout Butte’s mining industries. With unionism in a state of disarray, Frank Little arrived that July to urge workers to join the Industrial Workers of the World and forge “one big union” with the power to challenge the capitalist system.


“I don’t give a damn what country your country is fighting for, I am fighting for the solidarity of labor.” —Frank Little, July 19, 1917

Columbia Gardens

Little’s inflammatory remarks to the striking miners at Columbia Gardens on July 19, 1917
infuriated mining company interests and precipitated his lynching 12 days later.


Miners Monumet

Monument for the victims of the Granite Mountain and Speculator mine disaster.


After being tied to the bumper of a car and dragged through the streets, Frank Little was lynched at this railraod trestle south of Butte.

Lynching site 1


Grave of Frank Little, Mountain View Cemetary

Little Grave 2

“Slain by Capitalist Interests for
Organizing and Inspiring his Fellow Men”

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